The New Recurly

In early 2015 I was hired at Recurly to lead the redesign of the company's web application. Over the course of 6 months, myself and a small engineering team were able design, build, and ship a faster, more modern Recurly.

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Customer account view

Going wide

The previous version of Recurly was contained within a narrow, fixed-width container. Extending the application to the edges of the viewport allowed us to get more information on screen, minimizing the amount of scrolling and paging in the web application.

Account list view
Payment gateway settings

Creating a flexible, reusable system

Most of the content in the application was contained within a flexible card component that consisted of stackable "slats" used to create different card variations. Presenting the content in these cards helped us to more easily organize information on pages dense with information.

Dunning settings
Tax settings