Base UI Framework

Base is a library of UI components, patterns, and rules used to build out features and products at AppDirect. From 2013-2014, I worked alongside Linda Yang and Ben Domanico building this framework.

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Base color documentation

Everything in its right place

Given the large size of the AppDirect platform, base contains a huge collection or components, themes, and patterns. Organizing these components was an ongoing project in an of itself, requiring us to consistently challenge our taxonomy as we added to the framework over time.

Base alerts and messages documentation
Base upload control documentation
Collage of some elements that made up Base

Bringing everything together

Product designers at AppDirect did and still used Base to rapidly prototype features that go into the product. The framework was built in a way to make it easy to stack and arrange components to solve for a variety of use cases.

Account management dashboard
User management table
Marketplace storefront
Domain search and purchasing